Project Life Skills

Project Life Skills Lifeskills is an educational program based on positive psychology as well as coping strategies to deal with difficulties in life. I was trained by Dr. Ilona Boniwel, a [...]

Project KIVA

Project Kiva In collaboration with KiVa Groningen I am asked on a regular basis to train teaching staff and to deliver tailored guidance. KiVa – an anti-bullying program developed in Finland [...]

Project Social Climate

Project Social climate Broekhin Based on social constructionist thought the school is building step by step a safe and stimulating, positive school climate for all. Appreciative collaboration and [...]

Project The Peaceful School

Project The Peaceful School Since 2009 I have enthusiastically assisted many schools to implement the schoolwide program The Peaceful School. This program sits well with Appreciative Change [...]

Project the dreamed Vision

Project the Dreamed Vision From 2013 to 2015, I was commissioned by VVOB Brussel and MINOV Suriname to work on the development of The Dreamed Vision for the departments of School Inspection and [...]

Project “ZOCO-Care coordination Surinam”

Project “Every school a ZOCO-Care coordinator Surinam” Since 2013 – and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MINOV) and the department of Educational Guidance – a 2 year educational [...]