Project “Every school a ZOCO-Care coordinator Surinam”

Since 2013 – and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MINOV) and the department of Educational Guidance – a 2 year educational program “Care Coordination’’ has been developed and successfully implemented in many Primary Schools all over Surinam. From the core principle that there are no problematic students, only problematic situations we construct together, this program was developed based on relational perspectives. Instead of only focusing on students, this program takes a holistic approach by evaluating and using the entire system, in which lie most issues. The flipside of the coin is that it is also these systems – people’s social construct – that provide for solutions, and that it is these systems that continually work to reinforce both the collective and the individual teachers.

As part of a VVOB Brussel team, my responsibilities included advising schools, developing curricula and school materials (workbooks, power points, manuals for trainers and training for trainers), guiding inter-vision and coaching and executing criteria-orientated interviews and evaluations.

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