Project The Peaceful School

Since 2009 I have enthusiastically assisted many schools to implement the schoolwide program The Peaceful School. This program sits well with Appreciative Change Works: working together in building a closely-knit community. A community where everybody is seen and heard. Where every voice counts.

Social competencies are taught in classes, but they must be internalised, and this is a process which will take days, weeks and years. In communities we encounter each other; it is only in communities where we can learn and enrich ourselves through others.

The Peaceful School program is a complete program for children and students aged from 3-16 yrs. The school is transformed into a democratic place of exercise. It views class and school as mini-societies, places where everyone is given voice.  This process is based on democratic values and principles, where people learn how to make constructive decisions and how to solve conflicts in positive ways. Students start to feel responsible for each other, and the community. They learn to see differences as wealth.

Within the 2-yrs implementation there is also a focus on peer mediation.

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