Project Life Skills

Lifeskills is an educational program based on positive psychology as well as coping strategies to deal with difficulties in life. I was trained by Dr. Ilona Boniwel, a well-known professor in positive psychology who wrote the book Lessons in Personal Well-being.

The power behind this program is the idea that children  and young students should learn the so-called coping strategies from a very young age. Research shows that these children are better able to personally develop a meaningful and happier life. They are more skilful in building friendships, mourning, dealing with changes, bullying, sadness, and so on.

Life Skills focuses on strengthening social emotional competencies of young people aged from 3 to 16 yrs. Increased happiness and well-being helps to build a kind of buffer life’s difficulties and psychological problems.


Why work with Life Skills?

Life Skills increases children’s ‘box of tools’ to deal with all kinds of life issues and events. Characteristically, the programs  don’t focus on prescriptive strategies, but offer different kinds of coping strategies, which are used by the children themselves. In this way children/students learn a lot from each other. Children’s expertise is fully used. Thus every child can experiment with those strategies which him or her the best.