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“I keep running into gridlocks on my job, and I’m losing energy. I want insights on how I can regain energy in the things I do and where I want to go“. “I want new insights on my life and work’s future”. “I lead a team, how can I motivate them more?” Discover and build on already present potential together. Every person, every team, possesses that strength. Tap into your own sources to achieve a desired outcome by yourself, or together with others. On the basis of the 4 D model: Dream, Discover, Design and Deliver, we may work on a powerful and achievable vision of the future.

Tailored Advice

Change work is people work. Insights and wishes, from within teams and partnerships, form the basis for advice. As opposed to “advice from a so-called expert’’, we explore how we can achieve a desired future together. Co-creation means appreciating and utilising everyone’s expertise. By gathering more insights on this, we will quickly discover many new solutions which we will use to build a better future together

Coaching for teams

“We want to build a powerful future as a team. What is our potential? Where do we want to go?”. ”We repeatedly run into obstacles as a team. How can we break this cycle, using a new perspective, to arrive at our desired future? How can we bring this into practise tomorrow?” Team coaching focuses on discovering the patterns of cooperation, and in doing so co-creates new futures. By looking at the self-created team reality from a completely new perspective, we move away from a problem-based solution and seek to find our huge potential. This potential then forms the basis for a new and cooperative tomorrow.


Many lines of training are offered, each tailored to your requests. Acquire knowledge together with others, practicing skills and working on self-realisation. The characteristics of this process are: discovering, trying, reflecting and applying. Themes include: Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Introduction to Social Construction, Appreciative Coaching, Biographical Coaching, Working on a Safe Social Environment and Bullying-Prevention (as used in the Peaceful School), SchoolWide Positive Behavior Support, Lifeskills, KIVA and Dialogue.

Tailored Coaching

Coaching is always tailored to your request and based on your input after a first introduction. This form of coaching is based on NLP, Core Qualities (Ofman), Biographical Coaching (de Waardt), Appreciative Coaching (Appreciative Inquiry), the Narrative Approach (Swart) and Positive Psychology. Options for the coaching track include both physical and e-coaching.

Dialogue Guidance

Appreciative Change Works offers dialogue guidance based on the work of Joop Boukes (Society Humans and Dialogue). His vision: “People are brought into connection with their own qualities, talents and creativity and can better connect with others. Because of this, organisations are more capable of achieving sustainable solutions and results. Organisations then become more decisive and are better able to anticipate challenges and problems instead of only reacting to them after the fact”, forms the basis of the offered guidance.

All approaches are based on social constructing, with the following key elements:


The continuous focus on appreciation and positivity releases a large amount of energy between people. This fundamental choice drastically changes reality.

Building bridges
Building bridges

From connections, we build bridges and create dynamic network fields. Mutual trust is the basis of powerful change works, a key word when discussing durability.

Collaborative relating
Collaborative relating

The process of being and staying in relation requires an ever-present presence of attention. The full cooperation of all is crucial for the success of lasting change.

Dialogical practices
Dialogical practices

Dialogues stimulate the mutual appreciation of every voice. They enhance the ownership within the process of change as well as building bridges.

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