Appreciative change work

Social Constructing

How can we design change processes which generate energy? In what way can we operate so everyone’s potential is utilised in the best way possible? What does this appreciative approach mean for those in leadership positions? How can you bring all of this into practise?


The continuous focus on appreciation and positivity releases a large amount of energy between people.

Building Bridges
Building Bridges

Working with an appreciative stance means others are seen and heard, from a place of interest and genuine curiosity.


The full cooperation of all is crucial for the success of lasting change. Once again, people play a central role in the context of change.


Dialogues stimulate the mutual appreciation of every voice. They enhance the ownership within the process of change.

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Successful projects

Project KIVA

Project Kiva In collaboration with KiVa Groningen I am asked on a regular basis to train [...]

  • My hat is off to Loek Schoenmakers for his brilliant initiatives in positive change. Creative, savvy, and sensitive!

    Kenneth Gergen
    Kenneth Gergen Pres. TAOS Insititute
  • Onze waardering voor Loek is zeer groot; zijn nabije coaching en vernieuwende expertise was mee bepalend voor het succes van het traject.

    Jan Blondeel King Baudouin Foundation
  • Onze ondersteuningsvragen  werden steeds voortreffelijk omgezet in een zeer gericht en constructief, co-creatief aanbod.

    Ronny Vanderspikken
    Ronny Vanderspikken pIEO

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