Project Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

SW-PBS  is an effective and evidence based school-wide preventive program for establishing a positive school atmosphere. Teachers learn to guide students’ behaviour in better and more successful ways. Over the past few years I have implemented this program in many schools together with the special Kiva teams which were operating within the school on a daily basis. These schools became more effective because of their willingness to collaborate with their surrounding communities, with partners such as sport associations, day care, after school care and libraries.  In this way, a neighbourhood wide involvement was the result.

SW-PBS focuses on the co-creation of a positive school culture, which is supportive to learning and behaviour of students of all ages. At its grassroots are found values such as safety, respect and responsibility. Management personnel implement these values, using positive reinforcement and behavioural lessons, when training teaching staff.

Within the whole school, a systemic approach supports a shift from undesirable and unacceptable behaviour to preventive, respectful behavior. Involving the whole school community to apply the lessons learnt in everyday school life helps to build a sustainable, safe and positive school climate for all – students as well as teachers. Needless to say, this has positive effects on the academic results. Every child and every teacher will benefit from this.


SW-PBS includes also a program for stopping bullying in the school.