Project Guest Lecturer Master Learning and Innovation

Since 2007 I have been a guest lecturer at the Master’s Program at the University of Surinam, ADEK. With plenty of enthusiasm, I work here in collaboration with core lecturers and students. Within the organisation of VLIR-UOS/ADEK, new Masters programs are being developed.

I have taken care of models with the MERSD (Master of Educational Research and Sustainable Development) and the new track MELI (Master of Education, Learning and Innovation). Social Constructionism is of fundamental importance to these lectures. Themes such as: Qualitative Care in Education; Policy, Planning Leadership; Personal Development and Personal Leadership; and Educational Leadership, all acquire new, dynamic meanings when approached from this bright perspective.

I regularly mentor students in their Masters’ research and contribute to their final evaluations. On occasion I am asked to evaluate Ph.D. students and take part in the defense committees.

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